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Get Over Me
by michelleph.

"lost" is overrated.
there's nothing in life that we will lose.
chances, people, they never stop coming to us. in fact, they charge towards us, and often, take us by surprise.
they are not components that make up our lives. they are resources that fuel and spice up our existence.

these resources are inexhaustible though vary in term of significance.

departure of people it's not sad, missing out chances is not sad,
what's sad is the incapibility of us to gratify their presence,
what's sad is letting them overtake us and empower us and stop us from moving forward.

What's sadder is having to have them, lose them,
yet, we don't learn from them.

time flies. things come and go. people change.
nothing in the world is ever constant.

or perhaps, the only thing that is ever constant in this world, is change.

Thank you my friends, for being here with me all this time :)